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Spore Contemporary Art Centre creates annual in-house exhibition programming.  Spore’s educational programming is inspired by exhibition themes and media on display, creating a synthesis between critical art histories, contemporary art, and hands-on object based activities aligning with the Toronto District School Board’s Visual Art Curriculum.

Hosting lectures, seminars, interviews, tours, summer camps, and workshops, Spore Contemporary Art Centre offers a meeting point for specialists (artists, curators, art historians, and educators) and broader audiences (children, young adults, adults, and seniors) to discuss the social, political, and economic value of contemporary art in today’s society.

Spore Contemporary Art Centre is named after the minute reproductive cells released by fungi, and other plants, that spread and begin growing elsewhere.  The name, Spore Contemporary Art Centre, alludes to ideas such as rapid growth, reproducibility, dispersal, and resourcefulness.


Vision & Values

Spore Contemporary Art Centre is a cultural hub focusing on contemporary art programming with plans for a bricks and mortar location in the Beaches-East York community of Toronto.  Through high-quality exhibitions, screenings, lectures, and education programs (workshops, summer camps, tours, lectures, and seminars), Spore engages the youth (aged 18-35) target market within our catchment area that includes the following City of Toronto Wards: 29, 30, 31, 32, 35, and 36.

–  Creativity

providing a venue for artists and publics to express different viewpoints through making and engaging with contemporary art.

–  Innovation

supporting trans-disciplinary connections and encouraging experimentation.

–  Education

producing knowledge by framing contemporary art as historical and sharing through seminars, lectures, interviews and hands-on studio based activities.

–  Accessibility

supporting diverse populations within our constituency to engage with and access contemporary art.


WAnt to GEt Involved?

Volunteer Opportunities

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